By Branden Jacob-Jenkins  
  Directed by TBA  
  Audition Dates:  
  Sunday, February 5th 2:00pm - 3:30pm  
  Monday, February 6th 7:00pm - 8:30pm  
Tuesday, February 7th 7:00pm - 8:30pm
  Audition Requirements:  
  Cold readings from the script, possible inprov activities  
  Please fill out our audition form PRIOR to your audition  
  Rehearsals start mid - March typically 3 times per week  
  Please be conflict free for the week of April 10th leading up to opening on April 21st  
  What happens when we die? How do I prepare myself? What is the value of my life? In this modern retelling of Everyman, the most well-known and anthologized example of a medieval morality play; God sends Death to take Everyman, who stands in for all humankind, on his final journey. Along the way, Everyman meets characters who personify concepts such as Fellowship, Wisdom, Strength, and Discretion. However, they all abandon him, and he can only bring Good Deeds with him to gain entrance to heaven.  
  Casting Requirements  
  Roles available for 9 people ages 18 and above.  
  All genders & ethnicities will be considered  
  Performers should be comfortable in their own skins as they will potentially be seen in their underclothes  
  Character Descriptions  
  ACTOR 1: Usher, God & Understanding
ACTOR 2: Death
ACTOR 3: Girl & Time
ACTOR 4: Love
ACTOR 5: Everybody
ACTORS 6 – 9: Somebodies - these performers play: Friendship, Strength, Kinship, Beauty, Cousin, Mind, Stuff & Senses
  Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM  
  Book by JAMES LAPINE  
  Directed by Ryan Heinrich  
  Audition Dates:  
  Sunday, March 12 - 2pm - 4:30pm   
  Monday, March 13 - 7pm - 9pm  
  Tuesday, March 14 - 7pm - 9pm  
  Wednesday, March 15 - 7pm - 9pm - CALL backs if necessary  
  Audition Requirements:  
  Please sign up for an audition time slot (HERE)  
  Please fill out our audition form PRIOR to your audition  
  Please prepare 2 songs, of different style; approximately 32 measures. Can be a Sondheim or something from the Broadway songbook. Please have songs cut and or marked for the accompanist. You may be asked to read from the script.  
  Rehearsals will start Mid April  
  Please be conflict free for the week of June 5th leading up to the opening on June 16th  
  Sunday in the Park with George, merges past and present into beautiful, poignant truths about life, love and the creation of art. The days leading up to the completion of his most famous painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat is struggling to make meaningful art and maintaining a relationship with his lover, Dot. Seurat’s artistic ability thrives while his love diminishes  
  Casting Requirements:  
  7 Males / 8 Females  
  Character Descriptions:  
  George Seurat: Male, 25-40
Act 1: An artist obsessed with his work at the cost of his personal life.
Act 2: Seurat's burnt-out descendant and inventor-sculpture searching for his purpose; tenor, Ab4-G#2. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Dot/Marie: Female, 20-40 mezzo-soprano, D5-E3.
Dot is George's headstrong, discontent mistress and occasional model. Marie is George's elderly wheelchair-bound grandmother. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Old Lady/Blair Daniels: Female, 60-80 mezzo-soprano, Eb5-F#3.
Old Lady is George's mother, a cranky and rather demanding fixture in the park, finds solace in nostalgia.
Blair Daniels is an art critic.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Nurse/Mrs./Harriet Pawling: Female, 40-60 mezzo-soprano, F4-G3.
Nurse is the Old Lady's attendant, calming and assertive.
Mrs. Harriet Pawling is part of an American couple, patron of the arts.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Jules/Bob Greenberg: Male, 25-45 baritone, F4-G2. Jules is a rival artist; callous, critical, shallow, pursues his cook Frieda.
Bob Greenberg is a museum director. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Yvonne/Naomi Eisen: Female, 25-35 mezzo-soprano, Eb5-E3.
Yvonne is Jules' pampered wife, snippy and snooty.
Naomi Eisen is a composer.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Boatman/Dennis: Male, 35-60 baritone, Eb4-Eb2.
Boatman is a surly blue-collared laborer, simple-minded and slovenly.
Dennis is a technician.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Franz/Lee Randolph: Male, 30-50 baritone, G4-B2.
Franz is Jules' disgruntled coachman and Frieda's husband, yearns for the Nurse.
Lee Randolph is the museum's publicist.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Frieda/Young Man/Betty: Female, 35-55 soprano, F5-G3.
Frieda is Jules' and Yvonne's cook and Franz's wife, caring, positive surrogate nanny to Louise, pursued by Jules.
Young Man and Betty, an artist. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Soldier/Alex: Male, 20-35 baritone, F4-A2.
Soldier is a French military man, polite and a gentleman.
Alex is an artist.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Mr. Charles Redmond: Male, 18+ baritone, D#4-Eb2.
Mr. is part of an American couple, married to Mrs. Charles Redmond is a visiting curator.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Louis/Man/Billy Webster: Male, 35-55 baritone, A4-B2.
Louis is a baker, kind, friendly, and very popular, but a bit dull.
Man and Billy Webster are Harriet's friend.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities    

Celeste #1/Elaine: Female, 18-30 soprano, G5-A3.
Celeste #1 is a young, gossipy, flirtatious shopgirl.
Elaine is George's former wife.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities  

Celeste #2/A Photographer: Female, 18-30 soprano, Eb5-G3.
Celeste #2 is another young, gossipy, flirtatious shopgirl. Also plays a photographer.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  By Tim Firth  
  Directed by Charley Shafor  
  Audition Dates:  
  SUNDAY, JUNE 4 6pm – 8pm  
  MONDAY, JUNE 5 7pm – 8:30pm  
  Audition Requirements:  
  Cold Readings from the script  
  Please fill out our audition form PRIOR to your audition  
  Rehearsals will start Early August  
  Please be conflict free for the week of August 28th leading up to the opening on September 8th  
  When Annie’s husband John dies of leukemia, she and best friend Chris resolve to raise money for a new settee in the local hospital waiting room. They manage to persuade four fellow Women’s Institute members to pose nude with them for an “alternative” calendar. The calendar is a success, but Chris and Annie’s friendship is put to the test under the strain of their newfound fame. Based on the true story of eleven WI members who posed nude for a calendar to raise money for the Leukemia Research Fund,  
  Casting Requirements  
  10 Females / 4 Males  
  Character Descriptions - *Age ranges for characters will be treated as a guide only and not strictly enforced
  Chris - Female 40– 60: Chris is the life of the party. She will talk to people she doesn’t know, fill any awkward silences and generate laughter. Chris is at home in a crowd because she loves holding court and being the center of attention. Without Chris in her life, Annie would be better behaved, but she wouldn’t have as much fun. When they are together they are like naughty schoolgirls.  

Annie- Female - 40– 60: Annie will join in mischief, but is at heart, more conformist and less confrontational than Chris. After Chris has put a waiter’s back up in the restaurant, Annie will go in and make things right. The mischievousness Chris elicits saves Annie from being a saint. She has enough edge to be interesting, and enough salt not to be too sweet.  

Cora - Female - Around 40: Cora’s past is the most eclectic. Her horizons broadened when she went to college. This caused a tectonic shift with her more parochial parents. She came back to them pregnant and tail-between-the-legs, but Cora has too much native resilience to be downtrodden. She is the joker in the pack, but never plays the fool. Her wit is deadpan. It raises laughter in others, but rarely in herself. Her relationship with her daughter is more akin to that between Chris and Annie. Cora doesn’t need to sing like a diva, but must be able to sing well enough to start the show with Jerusalem and sing the snatches of other songs required.

Jessie - Female - 60– 70: Get on the right side of Jessie as a teacher and she’ll be the teacher you remember for life. Get on the wrong side and you will regret every waking hour. A lover of life, Jessie doesn’t bother with cosmetics– her elixir of life is bravery. Jessie goes on rollercoasters. Her husband has been with her a long time and is rarely surprised by her actions. Jessie bothers about grammar and will correct stallholders regarding their abuse of the apostrophe.  

Celia - Female - 35– 50: The fact that Celia is in the WI is the greatest justification of its existence. A woman more at home in a department store than a church hall, she may be slightly younger than Chris or the same age, but she always feels like she’s drifted in from another world. She is particularly enamored of Jessie, and despite the fact Jessie has very little time for most  Celias of this world, there is a rebelliousness in Celia to which Jessie responds. It is what sets Celia apart from the vapid materialism of her peer group and what makes her defect to the WI.  

Ruth - Female - Around 40: Ruth’s journey is from the false self-confidence of the emotionally abused to the genuine self-confidence of the woman, happy in her own skin. Ruth is eager to please, but not a rag doll, and despite being Marie’s right hand woman, she is desperate to be one of the cartilage in the spine of the WI and keep everyone happy. She has spine herself. If she was too wet, no one would wantheraround, but they do, and they feel protective of her because they sense there is something better in Ruth than her life is letting out.They are proved right. The Rabbit costume should be a cocktail of good intentions and not enough time.            

Marie Female - Around 50: Marie has gradually built the current “Marie” around herself over the years as a defence mechanism. She went to her Oz, Cheshire, and found Oz didn’t want her. She came back scorched. The WI is a trophy to her, which justifies her entire existence. There is a lingering part of Marie that would love to be on that calendar.  

John - Male -  50s: John is a human sunflower, not a saint, not a hero, just the kind of man you’d want in your car when crossing America. When he dies, it feels like someone, somewhere, turned out the lights.

Rod - Male - 50s You have to be a certain kind of guy to stick with Chris, and Rod loves being that guy. He can give back what he gets and has a deadpan humour, which has always made Chris laugh. Hedrinks a lot but never so much as to have a problem. He would work every hour to make his shop a success and John was his mate, even though the relationship was originally channelled through the wives.  

Lawrence - Male - Late 20s, Hesitant without being nerdy, Lawrence is a shy young man with enough wit to make a joke and enough spirit to turn up at the WI hall in the first place. When he arranges the shots, he is close to female nudity, but sees only the photo.  

Lady Cravenshire - Female 60s– 70s, Lady Cravenshire really doesn’t mean to be so patronizing, but the WI girls seem from another world, the world of her estate workers. Dress: when she makes an entrance, she must make an entrance. She wears largely white or cream to outplay the others, with a bigger hat than Marie. She is not a tweed wearer. She must glide in like a galleon.  

Elaine - Female - 20s, Elaine really doesn’t mean to be so patronizing, but Jessie seems from another world, the world of her gran. She wears clinical whites. You feel as if you could cut yourself on that dress.  

Liam - Male - Late 20s–30s,Liam would like to be directing other things than photo shoots for washing powders. He’s not so unprofessional as to let it show, but we can sense a slight weariness at having to deal with these women. There’s a resigned patience to his actions and each smile he makes wefeel is professional. For Liam, this photo shoot is a job, and not the job he wanted.  

Brenda Hulse - Female - 40– 60 Brenda is a woman committed to tedious subjects. In the previous year she spoke to the group on “The History of the Tea Towel”. This year it is “The Fascinating World of Broccoli”. She soldiers on seriously while her audience dissolves sniggering. Brenda is a bore.
  By Arthur Laurents, Jule Styne, Stephen Sondheim, Gypsy Rose Lee  
  Directed by Charley Shafor  
  Audition Dates:  
  Sunday, July 16th 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM  
  Monday July 17th 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  
  Tuesday, July 18th 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  
  Thursday July 20 – Call Backs if needed  
  Audition Requirements:  
  Please sign up for an audition time slot (HERE)  
  Please fill out our audition form PRIOR to your audition  
   Everyone may be ask to move so wear comfortable clothing. If auditioning for chorus, Tulsa, either Junes please be prepared to tap dance

Everyone should prepare two Broadway style numbers one up beat one a ballad. Please have music cut for our accompanist. Prepare 32 measures. NO A cappella singing. May sing from a “music only track/CD” if necessary
  Tentative Rehearsal Days: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday  
  Must be conflict free from November 12 Saturday, November 25, 26, & December 7
Tech Week is November 25 - 27th with Dress Rehearsals on November 28th - 30th
  Set during the vaudeville era, Gypsy is about a relentless stage mother, Rose, who travels the country with her two daughters, June and Louise, and their manager, Herbie. While June and Louise wish their mother would settle down and marry Herbie, Rose continues to pursue dreams of stardom for her girls. When June deserts the act, Rose turns her attention to the shy Louise, whom she hopes to fashion into a star. When the act is booked into a burlesque house by mistake, Louise is forced into the spotlight and Gypsy Rose Lee is born. Suggested by the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee, this legendary musical features “Let Me Entertain You,” “Some People,” “You’ll Never Get Away from Me,” “If Momma Was Married,” “All I Need Is the Girl,” “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,” “You Gotta Get A Gimmick” and “Together Wherever We Go”. Considered by many to be the best book and score of any American musical  
  Roles / Character Descriptions:  
  Momma Rose (ages from 35 – 50)
The ultimate stage mother. Lives her life vicariously through her two daughters, whom she’s put into show business. She is loud, brash, pushy and single-minded but at times can be doting, comedic and charming. She is holding down demons of her own that she is afraid to face. Her voice is the ultimate powerful Broadway belt. Minimal dance but must move well. Comic timing a must. Strong Mezzo/Alto with good low notes and belt.

Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee (18 – 25)
Baby Louise as a teenager, who grows up to be Gypsy Rose Lee. Still pushed aside by Madam Rose in favor of June, until she herself becomes her mother’s new pet project. Should be able to move well. Actress must be 18 or over to play this role. Minimum actual dance but must have very strong movement skills, strong acting skills needed. Must be able to portray both the awkward teen and a sophisticated woman we know now as Gypsy Rose Lee. The worlds most famous burlesque queen. Mezzo (needs light sound for “Little Lamb” and belt for “Let Me Entertain You.

Herbie/Uncle Jocko (35-50's)
An agent for Rose’s children and a possibly her “husband number 4” – he has a heart of gold but also has the power to defend the people he loves with strength; baritone, strong actor. Some movement required.

June (16-20's)
Baby June as a young woman, the older she gets, the less she enjoys being treated like a child, must dance very well, ballet and tap a plus, and be a strong performer with a strong belt, mezzo; ability to do splits. Twirling a baton a big plus.

Baby June (6-12) Rose’s daughter who is constantly being groomed to be the next Broadway star, cute, blonde, high-energy performer with a fantastic belt, who dances well, has gymnastic skills; baton twirling a plus. Tap and ballet a plus as well.

Young Louise (6-12) She should look a couple years older than Baby June. She is Madam Rose’s brow-beaten oldest daughter, and has always played second fiddle to her baby sister. She is shy, awkward, a little sad and subdued; she doesn’t have the confidence of her sister. Strong acting skills needed. The character always dances slightly out of step but the actress playing this part must be able to dance. Mezzo singer. 

Tulsa, Male (16-20's) Boy-next-door type, charming, handsome and endearing, dreams about breaking away and becoming a star, strong vocals and dance, tap dancing a big plus; tenor.

L.A., Male (16-20's) Sweet, loving, kind hearted, must sing and dance well, strong actor who plays one of Dainty Junes Newsboys/Farm boys; baritone.

Yonkers, Male (16-20's) Cute, devoted, compassionate, must sing and dance well, strong actor who plays one of Dainty Junes Newsboys/farm boys; baritone.

Angie, Male (16-20's) Engaging, affectionate, thoughtful, must sing and dance well, strong actor who plays one of Dainty Junes Newsboys/farm boys; baritone.

MALE “YOUNG” CHORUS/Newsboys – (9-13) 2-4 singers/dancers – Boy-next-door types, charming, and endearing; must sing and dance well.

FEMALE CHORUS/Toreadorables – Females, (15 – early 20's) 3-5 singer/dancers who act as both the backup dancers for Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee but may also play showgirls in the Louise’s final performance. Strong comedic timing a must. Must dance well.

Agnes, Female, (18 – early 20's) – Will be cast out of Female Chorus Kind, awkward, silly, strong comedic actress, lead Toreadorable. Be prepared to dance at audition. Please prepare comedic show tune that shows off your voice.

Tessie Tura, Female, 40's-60's A burlesque stripper just past her prime with a big Broadway voice and strong movement/dance skills, once dreamed of being a ballerina but went into burlesque, mezzo with a belt, comedic timing a must. Be prepared to dance at audition. Please prepare comedic show-tune that shows off your belt.

Mazeppa, Female, 40's-60's a burlesque dancer who’s tough, bawdy and physically intimidating, a course broad who’s been around the block a few times, any size, alto with strong belt, must move well. Should be able to play trumpet or learn to play trumpet. Be prepared to dance at audition. Please prepare comedic show-tune that shows off your belt.

Electra, Female, 40's-60's A burlesque stripper way past her prime, a ditzy, sweet endearing woman who partied too hard in her past and has probably been hung over for 2 years, thin, gaunt, tall with terrific comedic timing; mezzo. Be prepared to dance at audition. Please prepare comedic show-tune that shows off your belt.

STRIPPER NOTE: No matter the age YOU MUST be comfortable bring scantily clad on stage

Pop/Mr. Goldstone, 50's-80 Rose’s father, kind, loving, fed-up, a strong actor; non-singing role. Mr. Goldstone Lovable, fragile, booking agent for the Orpheum Theater Circuit, strong comedic skills; non-speaking/singing role.

NON-SINGING ROLES: (Will be cast from chorus)

Cigar (Supporting): Male, 20-50 Rough, rather aggressive owner of a burlesque theater, strong character actor; non-singing role.

Pasty (Supporting): Males & Females, 18-35 Smart ass, impatient, condescending assistant to Cigar.

Cratchitt (Supporting): Female, 20-65 production assistant for the Grantzinger theater, N.Y.C.; strong comedic timing a plus. Non-singing role.