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Dates & Times:
Friday, March 3rd at 8:00pm
    Saturday, March 4th at 8:00pm  
    Friday, March 10th at 8:00pm  
Saturday, March 11th 3:00pm
  Ticket Price:
  $20.00 all seats
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  Single Ticket purchase available February 6th, 2023
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  By Lucy Kirkwood    
Directed by Charley Shafor
About the Show: The Cast:
Do baby boomers owe the next generation anything? The children raises a profound question about whether having children sharpens, or diminishes; one’s sense of responsibility. In this, richly suggestive and beautifully written piece we find two retired nuclear scientists isolated in a remote seaside cottage while the world around them crumbles. That is until an old friend arrives with a frightening request. Gail Rudolph as Hazel
Cathy Roesener as Rose
John Wysong as Robin

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